About careLYFE

Suzhou careLYFE Co., Ltd., founded in December 2017, is located in Biobay in the Suzhou Industrial zone. Through seamless integration of R&D, production, service and business operations, our company aims to become the leader in the women's health testing market. It will also work closely with the strategic alliance and business partners and provide excellent supporting for customers.

careLYFE combines the advantage of QIAGEN's world leading the second generation of hybrid capture technology platform, aims at substantially improving the clinical diagnostic efficiency and accuracy of current cervical cancer especially caused by HPV infection. The company is actively creating leading screening and testing brand for cervical cancer in China.

In order to quickly spread the commercial marketing of cervical cancer molecular diagnosis products, and focus on the innovation and upgrading of application technology, the company plans to set up a global headquarters, a sales center and an industrialization base for reagent, R&D, and instrument which meets the requirements of GMP within 3 years.

careLYFE will continue to innovate, promote the development of cervical cancer prevention and cure in China, and make greater contributions to women's health career.