Picture of careHPV DNA Test System

1. Manufacturer: QIAGEN GmbH Germany
2.Function: qualitative detection of virual DNA
3. careHPV detection system includes:
careHPV Test ¬_Gene hybridization signal amplification instrument;
careHPV Test controller;
careHPV Test oscillating instrument;
careHPV Test magnetic plate frame.

4. The specification parameters of each instrument for careHPV detection system:
1) careHPV Test _Gene hybridization signal amplification instrument
(A) Model: 9103-000
(B) Function: careHPV Test ¬_Gene hybridization signal amplification instrument can detect the chemiluminescence signal and convert it into the readings based on the relative light unit (RLUs), and transmit the reading to the careHPV detection controller.
(C) Product performance structure and composition: micro board loading rack, photomultiplier tube, probe, control circuit board, RS232 interface and so on.
(D) Certificate: EU CE certification and SFDA registration
(E) Volume: 33cm wide x 52cm deep x 21.6cm high
(F) Weight: 13kg
2) careHPV Test controller
(A) Model: Champagne-001
(B) Function: the careHPV Test control instrument has the touch screen, providing the whole operation guidance for operators during the detection and operation. It can store and display up to 45000 test results on the screen. Automatic control of careHPV detector and careHPV gene hybridization signal amplification instrument.
(C) Certificate: EU CE certification and SFDA registration
(D) Volume: 16.5cm wide x 12cm deep x 8.6cm high
(E) Weight: 0.5kg
3) careHPV Test oscillating instrument
(A) Model: TS-001
(B) Function: it can heat and oscillate 96 hole microplates at the same time. Quickly heat the top and bottom of the microplate and oscillate according to the fixed track.
(C) Volume: 27cm wide x 26cm deep x 12.5cm high
(D) Weight: 5kg
4) careHPV Test magnetic plate frame
(A) careHPV Test magnetic plates are designed to capture magnetic beads at various stages of testing. The 96-hole microplate can be tightly fixed on the magnetic plate rack.
(B) Volume: 13.5cm wide x 9cm deep x 2.5cm high
(C) Weight: 0.38kg
5) Power requirements
(A) Power adapter
Voltage :100-240 VAC
Power: 60 W
Frequency :50-60 Hz
Line voltage variable : + 10%
Linear frequency variable : + 3 Hz
(B) careHPV Test gene hybridization signal enlargement
Voltage: 24VDC
Power: 48W
(C) careHPV detection controller
Voltage: 12VDC
Power: 4W
(D) Operating environment
Temperature: 15 ºC -40 ºC (59-104 ºF)
Relative humidity : 15-75% (non condensation)
When the temperature is 31 ºC (88 ºF), the maximum relative humidity is 75%, and when 40 ºC (104 ºF) it linearly decreases to 50%.
(E) Transport conditions
The temperature range from -25 ºC to 60 ºC (-13 ºF to 140 ºF) . The lowest relative humidity in the packaging is 15% to 75% (non condensing).
(F) Storage conditions
The temperature range is5 ºC -60 ºC.
The highest relative humidity in the packaging is 80% (non condensing).